Miami Velvet is the best swingers club in Florida for sexy couples and select singles. Although known as a “Swingers Club” many of the members are not “swingers”, they simply come to Miami Velvet to enjoy a sexy atmosphere and meet cool people.

Miami Velvet caters to the young South Beach crowd and is the largest private adult lifestyle nightclub and swingers club in Miami with more than 18,000 members and over 20,000 square feet, with warm interior and luxury decor and furnishings. It also enforces a strict dress code. The energy in the Miami swingers club always seems to be building through the night, especially when both dance floors are open. The Miami Velvet staff always have an inviting attitude.

The swingers club is very large and was packed with attractive and hot lifestyle couples. There is plenty of dancing, flirting, and playing going on.

Club details:
Miami Velvet
Address: 3901 NW 77th Ave, Miami, FL 33166
Phone: 305.406.1604