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Swingers Parties

Bliss Parties 

Bliss parties are swingers parties in Miami that are held once a month at an undisclosed location (typically a club) where pre-screened guests are given the address just before the party. In order to get an invite, you need to apply on the Bliss website….

Swingers Clubs Miami

Trapeze Swingers Club 

Trapeze swingers club is the biggest and best swingers club in Miami. Trapeze club is located in Fort Lauderdale, and is divided into two areas separated by a co-ed locker room. In the front room a BYOB bar serves up drinks and couples dance is…

Swingers Clubs Miami

Deenie’s Hideaway 

Deenie’s Hideaway is an on premise swingers club in Miami (near Fort Lauderdale) that welcomes couples as well as singles. The club features a mirrored lounge with a dancefloor, equipped with a sound system & DJ to get you in the mood. It also has…

Swingers Clubs Miami

Club Hedonism 

Club hedonism is the premiere swingers club in Miami. It is one of the oldest and most established in Florida. Club Hedonism is a private, intimate on-premises lifestyle adult club for classy couples and select singles. It is a swingers club where you can explore…

Swingers Clubs Miami

Miami Velvet 

Miami Velvet is the best swingers club in Florida for sexy couples and select singles. Although known as a “Swingers Club” many of the members are not “swingers”, they simply come to Miami Velvet to enjoy a sexy atmosphere and meet cool people. Miami Velvet…


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